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Other Insurance Claims

There are other conditions where an insurance claim could be a WSIB claim. Consider an employee of an nursing home, for example, who is injured while working for a company that claims they are in an industry not mandatorily required to participate in the WSIB system. EMCOMP PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION will make a submission to the WSIB providing all of the relevant information and requesting a determination be made as to the coverage status of the employer.

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Insurance and the WSIB

Auto Insurance Claims

There are circumstances under which an auto insurance claim could be
considered a workplace safety and insurance (WSIB) claim. For example,
if a claimant is driving a company-owned vehicle and has a collision
with another claimant who is driving a company-owned vehicle, then that
auto insurance claim may be considered a WSIB claim instead. EMCOMP
PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION will conduct an investigation to determine
whether either or both of the claimants are considered to be “in the course
of employment.” The potential exists to have this auto insurance claim then transferred to the WSIB.

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