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WSIB Insurance Case Studies

EMCOMP Case Studies

“In The Course of Employment”
A claimant struck a moose while driving between his home and the job
site on the weekend prior to his first day at work. Almost two years of WSIB
benefits with a Permanent Impairment were awarded, at a reserve
savings of over $400,000.

“Employee versus Owner/Operator”
This claim involved a fatality. The driver of a tractor-trailer had pulled onto the shoulder and was struck
while checking his load. After extensive inquiry with the deceased’s family, his accountant, and the insurer, we were able to convince the WSIB that the deceased driver was in fact an employee at the time of the accident. Benefits from the WSIB included funeral expenses, survivor benefits for the widow, and dependent’s benefits. The total package was estimated to be in excess of $900,000.


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