Will I receive a written report or assessment of the files I refer?
Preliminary and periodic reports are provided to you to keep you apprised of any activity in the file. Reports are sent via mail, but can also include email.

Will I receive copies of correspondence sent to the WSIB on my behalf?
You will receive a copy of all correspondence sent to the WSIB and WSIAT.

Can EMCOMP conduct accident investigations at my workplace?
We will attend at your workplace or elsewhere to conduct interviews and take statements from workers and witnesses to assist in presenting arguments to the WSIB.

How long does it take to resolve a claim?
Depending on the issues and complexity of the claim, a file could be resolved in two months or could take two years or more. The Appeals process at the WSIB and/or WSIAT can be lengthy and there can be delays while waiting for Access to claim files and decisions.

What happens if correspondence sent to the WSIB is not answered?
We maintain a strict follow-up system, diligently writing to the WSIB until we receive an answer to our enquiry on your behalf. When necessary, correspondence is directed to Senior Management at the WSIB or WSIAT.

How much will it cost?
Our services are billed hourly. We also bill expenses at cost, such as air travel, accommodation, courier, and court reporting services. Mileage is billed per kilometre. Pre-approval of all major expenses is obtained from the client. Invoices are sent monthly, and include a detailed printout showing time and activity by file number and injured worker or project. Customized invoicing requirements can be accommodated.

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